RFP Requirements

Request for Proposal (RFP) Requirements

  1. Census
    1. Gender
    2. Age or DOB
    3. Coverage type (single, family, etc.)
    4. Zip code (assuming the EEs are not all in one location)
  2. Group name & contact information
  3. Schedule of benefits
    1. In force benefits
    2. Desired benefits
    3. Any major changes that have occurred over the last three years
  4. Stop-loss specifications
    1. Contract type
    2. Specific deductible
    3. Contracts desired
      1. i.   Specific
      2. ii.  Aggregate
    4. Benefits included under each contract (specific and aggregate)
      1. i.    Rx
      2. ii.   Dental (aggregate only)
      3. iii.  Vision (aggregate only)
    5. Commission amount
      1. i.   Current amount
      2. ii.  Requested amount
  5. Aggregate claims data
    1. Current and prior two years
    2. By month, preferably
    3. Include corresponding enrollment
  6. Member claim data
    1. Current and prior two years
    2. Only needs to include members whose claims exceeded $25,000 OR have an ongoing condition which will likely produce a large amount of claims going forward