About Us

Founded in 2010, Aran Insurance Underwriters is a full-service managing general agency and underwriter that specializes in acquiring and developing insurance underwriting facilities for both the property and casualty and accident and health markets. Aran Insurance Underwriters is a member of Jencap Program Administrators.

Since its inception, Aran Insurance Underwriters has been led by Scott Eastland, who serves as the President of the organization, and Mark Routson, who serves as the Chief Underwriting Officer. Between them, Mr. Eastland and Mr. Routson have over 40 years of underwriting experience covering the spectrum from HMO group health insurance to employer stop-loss insurance.

Our experience is enhanced by the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of our affiliate company, HRMP, within Jencap Program Administrators. HRMP has developed an impeccable reputation for providing a variety of services within the insurance market such as stop-loss program administration, group life conversion, auditing, and run-out administration. HRMP handles all back-office functions for Aran Insurance Underwriters.