Reference-Based Pricing

If you are selling a referenced-based pricing (RBP) product, we understand all the pieces you’ve had to fit together to do it right – vendor considerations, plan document considerations, and balance-billing considerations to name but a few. Do you feel that your stop-loss carriers haven’t put forth the same degree of effort in tailoring their offering to best complement your reference-based pricing offering? Are you tired of having to educate the stop-loss market and not getting what you feel is a commensurate premium adjustment in return? If so, then Aran Insurance Underwriters is here to help.

At Aran Insurance Underwriters, our management has many years of experience with reference-based pricing, and we have put forth a tremendous amount of effort to ensure our proprietary nationwide database is unsurpassed in its breadth and accuracy. When you speak to us about reference-based pricing, our expertise will be immediately evident. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your reference-based pricing program and explain how we can help you.

Aran is the best stop-loss solution for your reference-based pricing program:

  • Competitive Pricing: We are as much of an advocate of RBP as you, and our rates show it
  • Extensive Database: Pricing without guesswork and extremely fast turnaround times
  • Claim Negotiation Run-Out Risk: Covered by policy endorsement, not a handshake deal
  • Flexibility: The ability to accommodate any fee structure

Greater accuracy. Better pricing. Streamline Process.