Request for Proposal (RFP) Requirements

Request for Proposal (RFP) Requirements
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  1. Census
    • Gender
    • Age or DOB
    • Coverage type (single, family, etc.)
    • Zip code (assuming the EEs are not all in one location)
  2. Group name & contact information
  3. Schedule of benefits
    • In force benefits
    • Desired benefits
    • Any major changes that have occurred over the last three years
  4. Stop-loss specifications
    • Contract type
    • Specific deductible
    • Contracts desired
      1. i.   Specific
      2. ii.  Aggregate
    • Benefits included under each contract (specific and aggregate)
      1. i.    Rx
      2. ii.   Dental (aggregate only)
      3. iii.  Vision (aggregate only)
    • Commission amount
      1. i.   Current amount
      2. ii.  Requested amount
  5. Aggregate claims data
    • Current and prior two years
    • By month, preferably
    • Include corresponding enrollment
  6. Member claim data
    • Current and prior two years
    • Only needs to include members whose claims exceeded $25,000 OR have an ongoing condition which will likely produce a large amount of claims going forward